Revolutionary Outcome-Based Software Solutions for Health Care

Easily manage Long Term Care case notes without needing a complicated EHR.
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Revolutionary outcome-based software for physical therapy practices of all sizes.
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Revolutionary outcome-based software for behavioral health; outpatient or residential, small practices to large hospitals.
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Behavioral health software that improves patient outcomes and increases profitability

  • Take Advantage of new tools like digital pen technology that makes form filling a breeze
  • Automated, digital document access and management equals less paper and less storage
  • Customizable charts, forms, reports and templates work how YOU want them to work
  • Manage the patient process from intake and scheduling to billing to create a better patient - and clinic - experience
  • Treatment and care driven by results means better outcomes
  • Manage outpatient clinic or residential care facilities
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NextStep Practice Pro

NextStep Practice Pro is ideal for small private practices, between one and three mental health professionals

NextStep Practice Pro Plus

NextStep Practice Pro Plus is perfect for medium-sized and large behavioral treatment private practices

NextStep MS

NextStep MS is a complete solution for outpatient and residential addiction programs

NextStep PHM

NextStep PHM is a complete solution for private and state hospitals whose primary focus is treating children and adults with mental illness

NextStep's suite of management and outcome-driven care tools streamline a paperless workflow from intake and scheduling to billing. Our mental health products and accessories are ideal solutions for outpatient services, residential programs, and private practices.

NextStep accessories enable staff to collect information using a laptop computer, speaking into a microphone, using regular handwriting, and using other inexpensive portable technology on the road. NextStep electronic health records are conveniently available over the Internet and can be accessed securely from the office, on the road without Internet service, and from home for authorized users. Click on any of our products or accessories listed below for more information about NextStep.

What Behavioral Healthcare Professionals are Saying about Next Step Solutions Software

"If I went in today and told the staff that we were going to turn off NextStep, there would be an insurrection!"

David Ballenberger, MSW
Former Executive Director, Rose Hill Center

"I consult at multiple mental health clinics and NextStep is by far the best software I've used!"

Lynne Lyons, MD

"NextStep is more than an electronic patient charting program, it's also a system for clinical and business management and has become the foundation of our practice. NextStep stores and processes practically all data we need to operate our behavioral health practice and has definitely taken us to the next level. We have realized the financial and clinical outcomes to prove it!"

Paul Smith, PhD
President of Pioneer Behavioral Health